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The ten ingredients of the micro dosing system for liquids, according to a RAP Systems recipe



When it comes to the chemical industry and the efficient dosing of liquid constituents, the technical solution we approach is one that generates among the lowest maintenance costs. It consists of consecutive dosing of liquids, using pneumatic pumps with double diaphragm, in a buffer vessel, located on weighing cells.

What are the ten ingredients in the RAP Systems recipe for making a liquid microdosing system used in the chemical industry?

1. A turnkey project, which includes a solution study; electrical and mechanical design; mechanical, electrical and installation assembly; PLC and HMI programming; tests and commissioning;
2. An IBC storage station, comprising liquid constituents, on 2 levels or maximum 12 locations, with the possibility of rapid handling of IBCs in order to replace them, after emptying;
3. A pumping system with pumps and independent pipe paths for each location, used for the transfer of liquid components to the weighing buffer vessel;
4. A weighing and dosing buffer vessel, which has a maximum capacity of 450 kg, made of stainless steel, mounted on weighing cells;
5. A metal structure, made of stainless steel profiles, made to support the weighing and dosing buffer vessel, located at the top of a mixer, with the possibility of complete and automatic emptying in it;
6. Stainless steel pipe routes for the transfer of liquid constituents to the weighing buffer vessel, accessorized with butterfly valves, automatic and field sensors, for fully automatic process control;
7. An electrical system command and control panel with Siemens PLC and HMI operating interface, Siemens Touch Screen Color;
8. Integrated dosing system command and control software, for PLC and HMI operating interface, based on a configurable recipe with access levels for various users;
9. Shielded electrical cables, bed cables, hoses and pneumatic elements, which includes electrical and compressed air connections for all equipment;
10. Lots of passion, experience and a team you can always rely on.

In conclusion, RAP Systems offers you a safe and complete project, which begins with the study of discovering the best solution and ends with its successful commissioning.

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