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Alongside the Community Foundation and the Brașov Donor Circle, we managed to spread the good for 126 people. We joined forces and supported 3 projects in our community, generating real changes.

The first project, “Mother 24/24”, coordinated by the SCUT Association of Social Services, aimed to support mothers, beneficiaries of the project, to raise their children. The financing and activities of this project have been adapted to the needs and crisis situations, many of them amplified by pandemic circumstances, which mothers faced. The activities included in the project were: a mentoring course, a Children’s Day campaign, three campaigns for purchasing and distributing material aid, 384 social counseling sessions and 304 psychological counseling sessions. Regarding the social impact, the following were found: an increase in the quality of life, the development of social skills and parental skills, a facilitation of access to social rights and benefits, psycho-emotional rebalancing, etc. The greatest achievement remains the reduction of the risk of dropping out of school, children being institutionalized and raised in the love and care of their families.

The second project, “Together we warm souls”, coordinated by the Bucuria Darului Foundation, meant ensuring decent living conditions in winter circumstances. Thus, children can rest and sleep in a comfortably warm environment, play or do their homework without their hands freezing, parents can dress their children in pajamas for sleep, and not in the thick jackets they go out with, the elderly can warm up by the stove and the food can be cooked and properly heated.

The latest project, “Smile again”, was aimed to restore the emotional balance of children and mothers who are victims of domestic violence. To achieve this goal, 133 therapy sessions were conducted. Part of the money raised was also redirected to the material needs that 7 women, raising 14 children, had. The visible result of this project is the progress made by the beneficiaries to process and accept the trauma experienced.

We are proud and happy to have contributed to improving the situation of so many beneficiaries in our community.

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