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Modulis is the industrial park aligned 100% with EU standards and according to Romanian legislation. It represents a success project realized for the partner QUALIS PROPERTIES. The investment being a GREENFIELD type, we provided the entire “Design & Build” package for a total built area of 20,000 square meters structured in 10 halls.


Within the project, the following main objectives were achieved:

  • 6 x type 1 halls with a constructed area of 2,000 square meters
  • 4 x type 2 halls with a constructed area of 2,000 square meters
  • 2 x water tanks for hydrants and sprinklers respectively
  • Pump station building
  • Rainwater retention basin.
  • Perimeter fencing made from galvanized edged mesh panels respectively from galvanized metal structure panels with reinforced concrete plinth.
  • Car and pedestrian access gates
  • Cabin gate
  • In terms of exterior landscaping, we have completed over 13,000 square meters of roads, platforms and sidewalks, the same being asphalted or paved.


The type 1 halls, having the plan dimensions of 18m wide by 110m long, are designed with a single opening and 9 spans with a free height of 6.6m; Such a hall is designed modularly; thus the construction can be segmented into 3 modules of 660 square meters per module. The type 2 halls, having the plan dimensions of 50m wide by 40m long, are designed with 2 openings and 3 spans with a free height of 8.3m; Also, these halls are designed modularly. This results in the possibility of segmentation into 2 modules with an area of 1000 square meters per module.


At the TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 halls, the following categories of structural works were carried out:

  • Infrastructure: includes isolated foundations made up of monolithic foundation blocks and prefabricated elements.
  • The ±0.00 elevation floor is made of reinforced concrete with dispersed reinforcement, ensuring a bearing capacity of over 5 tons per square meter.
  • For the Superstructure part, we have a main structure made of fully prefabricated reinforced concrete for pillars, beams, wedges and a three-layer plinth, respectively the secondary metal structure
  • The buildings of the Technological and Social Administrative area are made entirely of masonry confined with reinforced concrete elements and monolithic reinforced concrete slabs.


At the TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 halls, the following categories of Architectural works were carried out:

  • The external walls are designed as a system made up of structural cassettes + mineral wool + sinus corrugated sheet for facade ;
  • The roof includes a System consisting of self-supporting corrugated sheet, mineral wool and PVC membrane
  • The interior compartments are made either with 180-minute fire-resistant plasterboard wall systems or with masonry walls for the technical spaces. Also in the administrative space we have interior partitions made with masonry walls or wall systems made of double-clad plasterboard.
  • Regarding doors and windows we have sectional doors, pedestrian doors and PVC windows, and in the interior we find simple metal pedestrian doors or fire resistant doors.
  • Among the interior finishes related to the administrative space we find: helicoptered concrete floors, tiles or parquet depending on the destination of the space, coffered ceilings or plasterboard ceilings, partitions for WC area, etc.

For the installations chapter, the following works were done:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating installations
  • Hydrants
  • Sprinklers
  • Smoke exhaust system
  • Rainwater installations
  • Electrical installations strong currents and weak currents


MODULIS  is the first “URBAN – LOGISTIC” project of this scope in Brasov. It was implemented in difficult market conditions and in a compressed time. The success of this project was possible with the active involvement of the Qualis Properties team and RAP Development team.

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